Beautiful Homes of Instagram

Outside Details: We got lucky with the stone and brick that was already picked out before we were under contract.  The brick is an old Chicago style, with tumbled and recycled features.  We absolutely love the character it brings to the outside of our home.  We learned later, that this brick is an upgrade and something the builder doesn’t normally use.  Many of the bricks have old writing and letters from previous places and use… I love that it tells a story!  There’s paint and small traces of details from where they once were before they were torn down and repurposed.  I love to walk around the outside and take note of the unique details.  The stone is a mix of warm gray, cream and gold tones.  I love how it flows with our brick.

The Scandinavian Home of My Dreams

This home, belonging to Swedish photographers Kalle Gustafsson and Sara Bille, is the definition of perfect imperfection. The duo transformed a century old building, in Stockholm, into the most idyllic city dwelling – it’s a superb mix of vintage charm and modern Scandinavian design (the kitchen is IKEA!). I love how dark wood furniture and shelving, that have been salvaged from flea markets and collected from travels, add much needed depth and warmth to a stark white space. I’m especially inspired by the use and placement of vintage lighting. It’s interesting to see that only a single floor lamp is spotted throughout the house! ( photos by Andrea Papini , via Elle Decor ) source :     by  Erica  in  Home